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Author Topic: my sisters BF's lil sis...confusing title huh?  (Read 5949 times)

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my sisters BF's lil sis...confusing title huh?
« on: April 16, 2010, 03:29:26 AM »

this is my first post ever on this site, hopefully you guys can get past my horrible writing skills cuz i have an ass load of stories. this is a fictional story(ehem) w/ a slightly underage person, so if you dont likethat kinda thing, leave now. as i said before this is a fictional story(hehe).

im jason, a quiet, skinny guy 23 yo, imagine a real-life shaggy from scooby-doo w/ shorter hair. my younger sister, ill call her sis was 18 as was her boyfriend sammy, at the time and we all lived at home w/ our grandparents. it had been a sh!tty couple of weeks, mostly on my sisters part due to her getting pregnant and tryin to move out w/ her boyfriend. it was a bitter, spiteful time for the family. sis said she wanted to keep it but the family could see that she wasnt really doing it for the right reasons and had absolutley no way of getting a job(both dropouts), or decent enough credit for a loan. the boyfriends family wanted her to keep it thinking that my family would take care of the two of them since we lived in a pretty good sized house... pretty much sh!t was hitting the fan hard for every1, including sis who didnt REALLY know what to do.

before long my grandma had decided to lay everything out in a family to family meeting to determine the best course of action. the 'opposing side' as my gram called em, started to arrive around maybe 6p.m. as the enemy ngrily stomped through the door, i noticed a cute young face in the back of the line, busily texting her friends about who knows what. her name was kimmy and she had light brown skin, her hair was silky dark brown tied in a ponytail on the back of her head. and her body was dynamite considering she looked to be maybe 15. perky tits that would just barely be to big for your hand and a tight cherry ass that she squeezed into a really tight pink pajama suit w/ the word 'freak' on the ass and tits. and her face was stunning... pouty lips and bright green eyes that told me she was puerto-rican. we were all quickly introduced to each other in the quick ashamed fashion you'd expect from the situation. when the it was the cuties turn to introduce herself to me, her eyes suddenly left the phone in her hand and met mine w/ a look that made my balls twitch a little... i quickly dismissed it since she was young and i had a feeling i was going to be the moderator.

i was right, i was the voice of reason to cut through my grandparents impenetrible wall of pride, and sammy's parents blind rage towards their son. every time i stopped to let the sh!t fly, i would notice the cute young face staring devilishly at me from across the room. at one point i could swear i saw her lick her lips as i happened to glance across the room...

after the fallout started to settle my grandparents retreated upstairs, while sammy's family stayed downstairs to chat w/ me, sammy and sis. after some friendly chit-chat, the parents decided to go home. they said they felt like a drink and asked sammy if he could take her home with him. he agreed saying something about wanting to make sure sis was all right. as the parents make it up the stairs, kimmy gets up out of the chair and starts to stretch. at first it was normal,' ive been sitting to long', kinda stretching. as she's stretching she notices me as im quickly checking out her fantastic body. i quickly looked around the room in an uninterested way. a second after the glance, she stands up straight spreads her legs and leans backwards till her hands meet the floor, pressing her snatch tight against the thin fabric of her pajama bottoms. as she did this i could feel blood rushing to my cock as it started to get hard. it didnt help that my sister was telling sammy how she wanted to slowly lick his cock in a hushed voice i could hear across the room...

after a few minutes of dirty talk sis declared in a hurried voice,' we're gonna watch the movie in the other room(it has a bed). this, i knew, meant my sister was goin to get fucked. they quickly left for the bedroom, leaving me alone with, sexy kimmy. she quickly asked if i had a girlfriend, i didnt and told her no. she gave me a puzzled look, and said,' theres no way nobody's fucking you'. i was floored at the directness of the question and gave a quick,' i wish there was'. almost as soon as i had said it, she gave a sly smile and stepped in closer, bobbing her head playfully to one side and asked for the remote. i gave it to her and told it to watch whatever... she quickly turned it to cat calls(i think thats what it was called, its the one about hookers) and asked if i wanted to watch with her. i agreed figuring it would be a sh!tstorm upstairs from the recent events.
 i sat down on the far end of the couch as she sat on the floor. a few minutes into the show, a hot blonde woman begins to strip down and blow some dude. it was uncensored, and i was starting to get a hard-on again watching it. as i shuffled around in my seat so i wasnt bending it, kimmy got up and tiredly walked over to me on the couch, plopping down right next to me. i didnt want to be rude, so i didnt say anything. we continue to watch the free porn, when she leans over to me and grabs my arm, resting her head on my shoulder.

my heart suddenly started pounding like a drum, and i could feel my cock getting harder at the thought of this gorgeous young girl watching porn with me...
she then whispered sheepishly,' you look hard, do i make him excited?'.

i replied nervously,'its hard not to be with a hot girl like you.'

she then sat up and asked,'what do you find hot about me?'

'you've got a bangin body, and gorgeous lips. i bet the guys at school go wild when you kiss em.' i replied, trying not to seem to eager even though i was hard as a rock.

she pouted saying,' the guys at the school are little boys, i like more grown up guys... the boys at school dont know how to kiss. an older guy would know how to do more.'

i saw my shot and turned to face her. she was staring intensly at the scene of the blonde now being fucked d0ggystyle, then she turned her face up to mine. i took my left hand and placed it behind her neck to draw her in close to me. as our lips met i could taste starburst candy, and she quickly jammed her tongue wildly into my mouth, twisting and turning her tongue around mine like she was licking the tip of a dick.i couldnt take it anymore, my cock was twitching and sweating, i had to try to go farther.

i asked with short breath,' do you want to know how to make a real man happy?'
she looked at me and gave an ear to ear smile, showing her dimples. and gave a small,'uh-huh' and nodded her head.

i smiled and said,'show me what you do know how to do, and ill fill in the spots.'

she then reached down and lightly stroked my throbbing cock through my jeans. it jumped as she stroked it and asked,' could i see it do that?'

i stood up and pulled my pants and boxers to the floor and she gave a excited sigh i knew she didnt plan on letting out.she knelt down in front of me with her legs open knees on the floor. she gingerly grabed my cock and began to stroke it again, getting faster and more confident with each stroke. letting ouut the occasional excited breath or giggle as my cock twitched and throbbed in her soft hands. i watched her jerk me off and noticed she was rubbing the inide of her thigh, right next to her pussy. at this point, i could feel the cum start to build pressure in my balls. i didnt want it to stop there...

i took her hands from my cock and asked,' would you like me to show you what a guy can do FOR you?'

she nodded in agreement, and i lifted her back onto the couch. she squirmed and shimmied as i pulled her pj bottoms and panties off, tossing them on the floor. i then stripped her top off to reveal her perfect breasts with little erect nipples. her hand reached up and cupped her breasts lightly as she slowly spread her legs to show her dripping pussy. there was a light patch of fuzz above her snatch, which she reached down to run her fingers through. i leaned in between her legs and gently kissed the skin just around her pussy mound which made her gasp as if i put something cold on her neck. i slowly flicked my tongue on her clit, making tiny circles while i traced my finger around her pussy lips. sliding my fingers into her pussy, i could feel my fingers being sucked into her body. i thrust my finger deep inside her and began to lick her clit harder as she grabbed ahold of my head and thrust her waist hard upwards. she began to turn red, and started to sweat as she rocked in rythym with my tongue. i took my finger from her pussy and began to lick the length of her snatch, spreading open the lips of her pussy. she took a shallow breath and held it only to let it out and gasp again, her body was turning red and her pussy gushed a little in my mouth as she climaxed.

i continued to lick her pussy for a second then asked,' would you like to make me cum?'

she quickly sat up and thrust my cock deep into her wet mouth, quickly moving her head back and forth just like the blonde hooker we just watched. i grabbed her head and began to guide it back and forth.

 i could barely hold my cum at this point and asked in a hurried voice,' could i cum on your face or in your mouth?'

she took my cock as deep as she could get it and sucked on it hard as she pulled it out of her mouth, only to stop at the head of my cock and began to flick her tongue around it as she held it in her lips. the pressure was unbearable and i shot hot cum in her mouth, and she backed up a little surprised at the amount, letting me cum all over her face and tits. we both got dressed and went back to watching T.V. and talkin about how exciting it would be to get fucked...but thats a different story:)


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Re: my sisters BF's lil sis...confusing title huh?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2016, 05:19:40 AM »




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