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Author Topic: Jame's balls devastated by blonde cousin PART 2  (Read 1168 times)

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Jame's balls devastated by blonde cousin PART 2
« on: May 11, 2016, 08:24:42 AM »

Hey everyone!
I've been writing some BB stories for a while now, and this is part 2 of a 3 part series I'm doing. Please let me know what you think!

Sexy Story Central (wordpress blog, check it out! if interested)


James stood leaning against the stairwell in the soft yellow light from the fixture behind and above him in the stairwell. Everyone was leaving for the rest of the weekend, except James and Sarah.

She had convinced the rest of the family to go without them so that they could “catch up, and have some cousin time!” …Little did anyone know — including James — that Sarah had a very [email protected] definition of cousin time.

As the door closed, sealing the two together in the house, she spun around, walked directly toward James and the base of the stares, and let fly a nasty, dead-on,  loudly snapping kick to his groin. His already injured nuts were sensitive, so the blast instantly shook him.

James awoke 15 minutes later, laying on his bed. The comfort of familiar surroundings lured him into a very short-lived belief that he was safe… ended by Sarah’s knee softly touching, but quickly increasing in force against his battered balls; flattening them between her rock hard knee, and his pelvic bone. His testicles started to give..

But this time, instead of being saved by their parents, she was free to do with him as she pleased.
And she pleased to spare him further pain…

For now…

Her leg swung back, then to James’ horror, started accelerating right back toward his manhood. But Sarah knew she had all weekend, and didn’t want the fun to end too quickly, so she eased up at the last second, and focused on the feeling of her firm lower thigh bashing his swelling testicles. She felt them squish slightly against his body, and watched his face twitch in agony as her helpless cousin lay there with no other choice than to take it.

“Oh my god James, your big, soft balls are fucking MINE.” her big breasts jiggled as she shook with an evil laughter he had never heard from her before.

Just then, he took notice of what she was wearing. And it wasn’t a lot.

Her large, natural breasts were barely contained by a seemingly much too small bra. Underboob, sideboob, and massive, deep, bouncing cleavage tantalized the tortured James, as his eyes continued south.

Bottomless, save for a tiny black lace thong just wide enough to cover her vagina, while her smooth, shaved labia poked out on either side drove him wild…

For the conclusion, see my blog. (thanks, character limit...)


Thanks for reading.

Part 1 is on my blog (google "Sexy story central") and art 3 is on the way... ;)


Oh, PS, I also take story requests, so if you have a fantasy you want brought to life (not just BB, I'll do fetish), fill out the form, and i'll write it for you.
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