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Author Topic: Couchsurfing blonde cutie ROLEPLAY (ALL INVITED!!!)  (Read 3795 times)

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Offline godofthunder

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Couchsurfing blonde cutie ROLEPLAY (ALL INVITED!!!)
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:15:33 PM »

I have one fantasy which I would like you all to participate with me... It is about Couchsurfing. Probably most of you know about it... It is idea for young people to travel around the world and stay at each others houses for few days sleeping on couch without paying anything.

Well, I have more twisted idea, about young girl, in this particular roleplay Marta, blonde teen 19 yrs old, traveling and staying at each person for one night.

So everybody of you host her for one night, in which you can do to her whatever you want... She came to your place and when the door of your house are closed, she is completely on your mercy. You can [email protected] her, humiliate her, torture her, spank her, or just be gentle host (yeah right).

Lets just exclude murdering her and causing too serious injuries, she have to be at another host next day after all. :)

I would be very happy to see as much as possible response from you, at least with few words, like "i would [email protected] her ass", or "cum in her mouth" if you are too lazy to write down more of your twisted fantasies :)

I hope this will have some good response. Maybe will be idea for one great [email protected] and torture story about Marta soon for me. :)

Here are some photos of her, so they can turn you more on...





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Offline BigBoobLover

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Re: Couchsurfing bl0nde cutie ROLEPLAY (ALL INVITED!!!)
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2010, 05:42:53 PM »

Please excuse my unperfect english, but this idea sounds tempting and I will host her for one night.

I take a closer look at my couchsurfing guest standing in my entrance hall.
Her name ist Marta, she´s a nineteen year old blonde, wearing a red top covering her well shaped tits, a tight jeans skirt and slippers.

Without any word I grab her by her long, blonde hair and drag her into my playroom.
She struggels, but soon I have her handcuffed, hooked to a chain and pulled to the ceiling till she barely can stand on her tiptoes.

“Couchsurfing will not be for free, Marta, you will serve my pleasure.”

I remove her skirt and instantly can take a look of her nice ass and her shaven cunt, the little bitch is not wearing panties.
I take a paddle from the wall to start her treatment.
The paddle hits her ass and Marta screams in pain.
I deliver ten strokes in a slowly order to her naked ass, not too strong, because I don´t want to injure her, but each stroke makes her ass shine in a deeper red and each hit makes her scream.

I put the paddle aside and caress her red buttocks. Slowly I put one finger between her thighs and start rubbing her cunt which is fast getting wet. Martas sobbing changes into moaning, but I´m still not finished with her wellcome.

Using scissors, I remove her red top and her bra, hoping for her, she has some more in her bag, otherwise she has to leave naked tomorrow.
Her nipples are hard and I start licking them.
Soon she presses her tits against my mouth and begs me to finger her pussy again.
I step back and take a small leather whip from the wall.
Without any warning I strike her titties. Marta cries out in pain.
I continue whipping her tits till they are covered with thin, red lines.

I lay down the whip and step towards Marta. She is breathing hard. I check her cunt to find out, she is soaking wet.
I loosen the chain and Marta drops on all fours, exausted from the whipping. Without any problems I am able to change her handcuffing, so her hands are on her back now.

I take a step behind her, open my trousers and take out my dick.
Kneeling behind her, I shove my dick with one thrust in her wet pussy and start to fuck her vigorously. Marta cries out in a mixture of pain, pleasure and astonishment but she does not try to resist.

I pull my cock out of her wet cunt. Taking her by the hair and pulling it back, I force my swollen dick into her ass.
It takes Martas breath away, her eyes and mouth are wide open, but no scream is heard while I screw her backdoor.
After a few minutes Martas body starts to tremble and an orgasm shakes her.
Shortly before I reach my climax, I pull my dick out of her ass, turn her around and order her to open her mouth.
She obeys and my cock pumps a huge load of sperm between her lips.
Without ordering her, Marta seems to know what I want and she swallows the whole load.

I dress myself, then I lead Marta into my cellar to show her her sleeping place.
A mattrass with an old blankett, some water and bread to feed and a plastic bucket.
I take the handcuffs off and lock the door behind her.

The next morning I get Marta from the cellar and order her to dress but she is not allowed to wear panties or bra.
When she is ready, I take one of her nipples between my fingers and pull her to the door.

“If you are in town again, you will be welcome, Marta.”

With that, I close the door.


Offline hamed80

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Re: Couchsurfing bl0nde cutie ROLEPLAY (ALL INVITED!!!)
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2010, 10:10:25 PM »

may I have some karma thank you.

Offline kaplanox

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Re: Couchsurfing blonde cutie ROLEPLAY (ALL INVITED!!!)
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2014, 09:29:40 AM »

thank you

Offline zazasaed10

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Re: Couchsurfing blonde cutie ROLEPLAY (ALL INVITED!!!)
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2015, 09:48:52 PM »




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