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Author Topic: My wife is cheating on me and i don't want her to stop!  (Read 35 times)

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My wife is cheating on me and i don't want her to stop!
« on: May 14, 2018, 03:07:48 PM »

I’ve been married to my second wife for about 6 years. When my first wife left me I was devastated. After the divorce I found out she had been sleeping around with several men, and took me some time to regain the strength to begin dating again. I slowly started going out again and that’s when I met my now wife at a party at a mutual friend’s house. Although she lived with someone at that time and we had never met before, we ended up in bed that same night. Her boyfriend was supposedly out with his buddies so she drove to the party. We clicked right from the start and by the end of the night she was following me to my apartment. 
The fact that such beautiful woman, who was living with someone, was with me in my bed didn’t raise any flags. If anything made me more secure about myself, and in a way, made me fall for her.
We met 3 more times in a period of about six months, and after that I didn’t see her again for over a year.
By the time we met again she was single, and we jumped right into a relationship. Although she was always very friendly and flirty with men, especially my friends, I was turned on by her personality. Beautiful and very well educated, she commanded attention from both, men and women and I was proud to have such wonderful woman by my side.
She was always the center of attention and in more than one occasion was approached by guys who asked her to dance. At the beginning this made me a little uncomfortable, but I soon learned there was nothing I could do about it if I wanted to be with her.
After two incredible years of traveling and partying, mixed together with an incredible sex life I proposed to her. We got married and before long we had a baby boy.
It was when he was about to turn 4 that things took a strange turn. That day, casually talking to one my best friends, he mentioned he had seen my wife by his job earlier that day with a man in the car. This did not surprise me, since she worked in sales, however, that day when she got home and I went to kiss her she, very delicately pushed me off and jumped in the shower with the excuse that she had a headache all day and had not been able to leave the office all day.
For our son’s birthday, her sister suggested we did a pool party at her house. There were mostly friends and family with a few people I didn’t know.
I was in the water with the k i ds, when the weather suddenly changed, so I decided it was time for me and the little ones to get out of the water. That’s when I realized I had not seen my wife in a while so leaving my sister in law with the k i ds, walked to the room where we had left our stuff.
The moment I opened the door my heart stopped. A cold chill ran thru me when I heard the clear sound of my wife fucking someone in the bathroom. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t her but there was no doubt. She loved talking during sex and she was clearly begging the unknown man to fuck her.
I felt a mixture of jealousy and curiosity and was overwhelmed by these two feelings. Presented with the choice to make a scene in front of family members or act like if I didn’t know anything I decided the second.
After listening to her moan and beg him to fuck her harder, I left the room and grabbing a towel from the guest bathroom, almost ran back outside. Numb with jealousy decided to see who the lucky fellow who had clearly been enjoying my wife’s services was.
I sat where I could see the door without making it obvious that I was looking and waited. It must have been another 20 minutes later when she walked outside alone and made her way to the kitchen. A few seconds later, a tall man I had not seen until that moment walked out of the room and also made his way to the kitchen.
I was frozen, I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed there while her sister took care of the baby. A few seconds later she came outside and sat next to me like if nothing had happened. Part of me wanted to confront her right there, but I was totally surprised when I realized I was turned on by the whole thing.
I wanted to kiss her. My mind was spinning with images of her making love to this stranger. I had, like every man, fantasized about my wife with another man. We had even joked about it before but I never thought I would enjoy the act as much as I was enjoying it.
I was later introduced to the man by her sister. He was friend of the family and had known my wife for many years. I nervously shook his hand, and noticed a small smirk when she told him I was married to her sister.
That night we had the best sex of our marriage, and I still get hard thinking about my wife moaning and asking another man to fuck her.
Our son is now 5 and I know she has never stopped seeing him. What’s worse is that I find myself making every possible attempt to make sure she has plenty of time to be with him. I get aroused by the idea that she is in another man’s arms.
Your comments are welcomed, and encouraged.


All i want is to watch my wife make love to another man!



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