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Author Topic: I REALLY need a lot of help here. :(  (Read 1302 times)

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Offline Mach Mage Girl

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I REALLY need a lot of help here. :(
« on: May 08, 2013, 12:12:19 PM »

My fetishes don't exist according to this site. But I've found them before on the internet. It's tearing me up. I feel like some effed up alien.. Here's a list of what i like. Look up if you dare. I've searched this site i THOUGHT was salvation for me. Nothing. Still nothing.. :,{

Following is all Lesbians or girl doing it to a guy:

Foot Smothering (as in suffocating someone with nice, clean bare feet)
Hand Smothering (as in suffocating someone with nice, clean bare hands)
Mouth Fetish (as in actual attraction to mouth itself. NOT JUST SOME ORAL SEX)

I look up foot fetish. Stink. Stank. Stunk. Then shoes. Then stockings. UGH!!
I look up hand fetish. I get.. nothing. Squat. :(
Anything to do with smothering.. ASS ASS ASS CUNT LEATHER LATEX GAGS #takes breath# ASS ASS ASS ASS!! :,(
And mouth fetish just doesn't exist here.. A real mouth fetish wants to be forced to cum while making out or being licked~ So, like i said, mouth fetish is just that. Not just some oral sex stuff..

So, yea.. It's enough to bring me to tears. I've been literally fighting tears over this for Christs sake.. It's so painful going through this not finding like ANYBODY to relate with things this important (VITAL) to you. </3

So please.. Leave a reply if you can spare the time. Thank you SO MUCH for reading. <3 :anti-spam

Offline m1super90

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« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 08:02:47 PM »

I know what you mean! Seems like there's only one flavor of a given fetish, and it's never what I'm into. For instance, I'm into overpowering but all I find is stuff about wimpy little guys being being overpowered by girls. My thing is to slowly overpower girls. One of my girl friends put it like this: "You're powerful but gentle."

What's so fetish about this? Well, it's done with the girls in 6" or 7" single-sole stilettos and party dresses, full make-up and jewelry. I like 'em fancy. Sometimes it's a slow motion shoving match with me against one, two, three, or more of them. These girls are gym rats too so they're strong. Sometimes I'll pit my arms or my chest against their legs. A post a picture of what I mean if anyone can't picture it. In one, I try to bring her feet to my chest with my biceps while she tries to extend them to the ground with her quads. In the other, I'm a leg press. She's trying to extend her legs while I'm trying to force them back. These are old pictures. I'm huge and lean now. All part of my determination to never lose to a girl! Though, I crave a good struggle.

Another fetish of mine is like cuckolding, but not quite. I like a girl to resist enjoying the other guy while I watch, encouraging her to hold back from cumming or kissing him. I have a very good looking and well built buddy who helps me with this and, hah!, he's hard for them to resist, but that's the point. I just like to watch their inner struggle as they fight to resist his charms.

The girls go along with my various fetishes because they're fun and they like me. My buddy likes that he gets to have sex with some. However, I've never met anyone who is actually into these fetishes, aside from myself. It's frustrating!



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