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Author Topic: Her arched heels vs my muscles  (Read 285 times)

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Her arched heels vs my muscles
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:59:05 PM »

I'm a big powerfully built guy. I'm talking ridiculously large muscles, upper and lower body. I'm literally the strongest guy in my gym. Feeling my huge muscles straining is a fetish in itself. What really gets my heart pumping is the possibility of being overpowered by a smoking hot slim girl. Until someone invents a realistic fembot (like in the show “Humans”) it just can’t happen. I started dating a girl who owns a sexy 2-seat convertible and I got an idea. She gets decked out in club-wear, hair done, makeup, and 7" stilettos (no platform). The deal is that her heels make it hard for her to press down on the gas. So, she puts her car in reverse and arches her feet high trying to overcome her heels to push on the gas. Meanwhile, I use my strength to hold the car in place from behind. With the top down, my adrenaline gets going seeing her feet arching and her calves bulging, pressing farther and farther on the gas. There’s a risk of my getting run over but I just had to try and it works well.

My garage floor is slick so I painted coarse non-slip epoxy for me to stand on. Meanwhile, she's managed to get the gas down just far enough to slip the rear wheels. I’m lifting 200-300 pounds of downforce from the rear, combined with the slick floor, this makes sense. I've found I can hold her if I don't let it start moving backwards. Otherwise, it's very hard to stop again.

The turn-on is a combination of feeling my muscles straining like at the gym, fear of losing to a girl, seeing her feet arching high over her heels pressing the gas, and hearing her struggle to press down more. I put a remote vibe inside her and give her a wevibe stick to play with, herself. She gets off watching my muscles bulge and cums a lot watching me fight her. Also, I am fighting her; the car is just her power over me. It's a battle of wills to see if she runs out of arch flexibility or I run out of strength first. After 40 minutes of this, with short breaks, I cum very hard all over the back of her car. I get super strong when I do. Must be endorphins masking anything holding my muscles back. I come away with very sore micro-torn muscles, but nothing extra protein powder can't heal up quickly.

I’m curious to see if anyone has any kind of connection to this, admittedly, odd fetish. If I ever get off of newbie status, I’ll add some photos of us doing this.


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