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Author Topic: Skinny Waitress FINALLY gives me her Feet!  (Read 1770 times)

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    • Skinny Waitress FINALLY gives me her Feet!
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:06:37 PM »

I had 1st met Bailey Thomas during tax season of 2009 when she was holding a temp job dressed as the statue of Liberty near the sidewalk of a busy intersection.  She happened to be wearing sandals.  I approached her with the opportunity to make better money showing off her feet and after we talked for a bit, she said she might call me.  Well, she never called.  Then a year later, she coincidentally ended up being my waitress in a dining establishment.  I'm sure she recognized me, but did not say anything.  I still wanted her bad.

Over the course of many subsequent months, I would frequent the dining establishment and tip the waitresses well (including her).  Still she never acted like she remembered me, despite all of her co-workers talking favorably about me.  Eventually, I contacted her through facebook and offered her a feet shoot once again.  She eventually declined the facebook offer after I said her husband could not hang out on set.

Then, months later, after more credible visits by me at her dining establishment (even engaging in small talk with her husband, the cook), she decided that she needed the money badly enough to where she would agree to the shoot.  She explicitly told me she was only doing it because of the money and that she would feel weird about putting her feet in a stranger's face.  I agreed to her decision to move forward and turned it into a series of very memorable experiences for the both of us.  She became accustomed to many of the things that I had in mind, but never fully acclimated to the idea that these things were normal.

Here is a clip showing a subset of some of the scenes I did with Bailey over the course of the year when I finally got to know her.  Her feet smelled good and were pretty tasty:

Youtube link:
direct download link: bailey-thomas-excerpts.mp4 (43.7 MB)
alternate download link (mediafire): bailey-thomas-excerpts.mp4 (43.7 MB)
alternate download link ( bailey-thomas-excerpts.mp4 (43.7 MB)
-Tyler D.


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