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Author Topic: khp stuff all uploaded  (Read 17964 times)

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khp stuff all uploaded
« on: February 06, 2009, 05:54:54 AM »

Swords & Heads
Renee and Paul are in a sword battle where only one can live. Renee is very good with a sword but Paul manages to get the best of her and drives it thru her gut. She goes to her knees and Paul runs her thru the back and out her breast. Then he takes her head. Even then, she takes a bit before she is dead.

Pic: http://www./?d=SFGFP2QN

Vid: http://www./?d=RWXIOX76

Erica's Consentual Stabbing (Long Dagger)
Erica is laying on a bed in a half top and black panties with black and white stockings and talking about how she wants it. She says, "waste me!". The first going right in the belly button. A small stream of "deep red" flows over her side. Then she is stabbed right in the belly button again. Then she is stabbed 17 times much more quickly in the same spot. After some moaning and agony, she drifts off and dies. Her lovely body is shown in close up shots as well as the dagger as it is stuck in her.

Pic: http://www./?d=5HO36H5H

Vid: http://www./?d=WTO19TC7

With Britton's Consent
Britton is trying to herself and is interrupted when a friend walks in. She ask him to do it since she doesn't think she can do it. So she lays back with eyes closed. But he decides he is going to do more than just cut her wrist. He raises it up above her and stabs it into her belly. She leans up in shock, eyes wide open as she first lets out a little grunt and then moans erotically at the thought of being killed this way. Seems she likes the idea too and let's him her slowly. He stabs her again real low just at her panty line. It takes a couple of pushes to get it to go all the way in. Then in the stomach where you see the running out of her as the blade is removed. Then he gives a final to the heart/breast with some parting words.

Pic: http://www./?d=03L2CGLS

Vid: http://www./?d=B5KUAVU6

Jewel Shot with Arrows!
Jewel is alone in her kitchen when a guy starts shooting her with arrows all over her body!

Pic: http://www./?d=L98AJJNX

Vid: http://www./?d=R2GCVC6K

The Film Maker
A director decides that the girls acting just isn't good enough so he demonstrates what real acting should look like by really torturing one of the girls. The other girl likes it and wants to join in the fun so he let's her. Then he tires of her and pulls out a and blows her away. Then he finishes off the other girl with some high caliberf bullets.

Pic: http://www./?d=212C80JO

Vid: http://www./?d=CIHRU18J

Knife Thrower
Tami is tied to a wall and made to suffer having knives thrown into her lovely body!

Pic: http://www./?d=0VDMPBMA

Vid: http://www./?d=4M9NTA3W

Kelly Williams is tied to a table and sacrificed. What is different about this video is the camera never changes angles. You see all 6 stabs and then wounds from the one camera angle. The camera z00ms in to see her close up just as she is girgling and dying.

Pic: http://www./?d=SS860HMM

Vid: http://www./?d=2H4WZQ5H

Jewel's Sacrifice
Jewel is brought in and opens her robe and lays out to be sacrificed. He stabs her several times in the belly button then in other choice places and finally cuts her throat.

Pic: http://www./?d=I5ZHTJ1H

Vid: http://www./?d=02499TZO

Nicole Forked!
Nicole is laying out soaking up some sun when a demon with a pitch fork shows up and kills her.

Pic: http://www./?d=8LIZ6425

Vid: http://www./?d=3B05BB7J

Sparky's Torture
Sparky is dragged in by two ruthless killers who put her thru hell as they shoot and her and watch her as she suffers.

Pic: http://www./?d=7STD6FY1

Vid: http://www./?d=KYVSUD0Z

Slumber Party 3
The conclusion of this ends with one girl shot to and then another is cut in half with a chainsaw. Parties over!

Pic: http://www./?d=6CD0XJ7G

Vid: http://www./?d=X7ABON8M

Misti Sacrificed
She just came in to get help with her smoking and ends up being a sacrifice.

Pic: http://www./?d=NGN2SGDS

Vid: http://www./?d=YYU7DZN0

Kayla Sacrificed
Kayla is handcuffed to a table and sacrificed in a ritualistic manner.

Pic: http://www./?d=P1RINMSB

Vid: http://www./?d=NNTFHE70

The Sacrifice
Jamie is bought in and tied down to be stabbed in the navel. After a few stabs, her intestines begin to show and slide out down her side. Very gory!

Pic: http://www./?d=J8BEODZX

Vid: http://www./?d=VNNLFEO4

Drill Killer
Lisa is the damsel in distress as she is tied to a table and a large drill bit is making it's way to cutting thru her belly. The twins battle it out but unlike most movies, evil triumphs over good and the girl gets it as planned.

Pic: http://www./?d=53REMIXM

Vid: http://www./?d=L6EWSU6G

Kelly Chainsawed
Kelly thinks she is part of a magic trick but he really plans to her in a most vicious manner!

Pic: http://www./?d=O9786C42

Vid: http://www./?d=JRINVNW5


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